Friday, January 13, 2012

Tide Coldwater

I've always tried to wash my clothes in cold water. I feel like the cold water isn't as hard on the clothes and it's a small way to conserve energy. The problem is that they don't always come out as clean as they do when washed in hot water. Therefore, I'm using lots of stain remover products.

Recently, SheSpeaks sent me some Tide Coldwater free liquid laundry detergent to try. I love that this is made specially for washing clothes in cold water. The fact that it is free of dyes and perfumes also allows me to be able to use it on my daughters clothes.

I was a little nervous trying this product. I didn't want to use any stain removers so I could see how well it really cleaned. To my surprise my clothes came out clean with no stains. They are soft and fresh. Tide Coldwater free is now a new addition to my laundy room.


Disclaimer: I received Tide Coldwater free liquid laundry soap from SheSpeaks to test. Additionally I will be receiving a gift certificate from them. As always all opinions in the post are my own!

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