Friday, December 16, 2011

Oral-B Stages Party!

I was excited to learn that I had been chosen by Mommy Parties to host an Oral-B party! My husband and I always purchase Oral-B products but I've never purchased any for my 3 year old daughter. The package that I received was geared towards younger kids 4 months - 4 years.

My daughter was excited to be able to have a play date with her friends and give them goodie bags. Each child recieved a goodie bag with an Oral-B Stage I or II toothbrush (depending on their age), Oral-B Stages toothpaste, and a bottle of Disney Lavender Wash. Mommy Parties also provided balloons, some flash cards that we used for a fun game, Winnie The Pooh on DVD, Oral-B coupons, popcorn and popcorn containers.

When the kids arrived we played a game with the flashcards while the popcorn was popping. Once the popcorn was ready the kids watched Winnie The Pooh. After the movie it was naptime so the kids took there goodie bags and went home!

The parents were all impressed with the items provided. I really like the toothpaste. Its the first toothpaste that my daughter will actually use and not spit out because its yucky. The toothpaste is just the right size for her mouth so it makes getting in there and brushing easier. Oral-B is definitely a new favorite in our house!

Disclaimer: I recieved a box of party supplies from Mommy Parties to share at my party. All opinions are my own!

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